We are taught that Africans were brought to the Americas to build a new world. We are also taught that to justify this act, a science of racial inferiority was developed to label Africans as subhuman and whites as superior stock. In addition, the major religious institutions got involved, stating that Africans were pagan and needed Jesus to civilize them. 

The result left over 100,000 million Africans dead in the North Atlantic slave trade, with the rest robbed of their culture, religion, families, and land. But what if I told you most of what you were told is a lie? What if I told you slavery was not about economics, religion, or color superiority? Rather, the North American slave trade was a diabolical means to test pilot a program that would eventually be used to enslave the planet. And the only force standing in the way of total global domination were people of color across the planet. 

What is it about these cultures of indigenous people that posed such a threat to the global elite that they had to implement such a worldwide genocide? In this shocking report, The True Cause of Slavery, spiritual teacher Qesankh Maa Kheperu dives deep into the real impetus for the global mass enslavement and eventual extermination of people of color. Further, it details the shocking truth of how the masses of whites on the planet are being manipulated, without their knowing it, to go along with this plan—one which will eventually mean their own destruction. 

The truth will shock and surprise you! 

Get ready to throw away everything you’ve been taught!

The True Cause of Slavery

The diabolical conspiracy to enslave the human race!
By Qesankh Maa Kheperu